Honey Rock Farms

Simple.  Sustainable. Quality.

We raise quality.

Local farmers growing local food.

A sustainably minded  farm located a few miles south of Muncie, Indiana near the Prairie Creek Reservoir.  We're on a mission to help the world around us understand why local farms and local farmers are vital to producing quality food.

Grassfed Beef

Our cattle are always on pasture. Foraging fields of grass and clover, and provided quality hay during colder months.

Pastured Pork

We raise happy hogs.  Our simple approach is to raise hogs that thrive on pasture and good, high-quality feed.

Natural Honey

Clover, apple blossoms, and black locust. All that natural goodness combines to make a very delicious and unique honey flavor. 

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our chickens roam pastures, woods and our back yard. They're pretty much everywhere scratching, clucking and eating.

All Natural and Non-GMO Feed.

Our feed is locally sourced with non-GMO grains.

We do not give any of our animals growth hormones or antibiotic regimens.  

A sick animal will always receive necessary treatment if it is a sustainable option; we provide our children immunizations and antibiotics when they're sick, and we do the same for our animals.