Honey Rock Farms

Simple. Sustainable. Quality.

We Raise Quality

We're on a mission to help the world around us understand why local farms and local farmers are vital to producing quality food.

Local Farmers, Local Food

We're a small local farm located just a few miles south of Muncie, Indiana near the Prairie Creek Reservoir.

We, Stephen and Cynthia Hunter, met during our undergraduate studies at Ball State University. Our boys (aka. farmhands) are growing fast and we want to provide them the highest quality food we can find. It was that desire that led us to start learning about the difference between local, natural food and the stuff that is sold at the supermarket.

A few books and documentaries later we moved to the countryside and started raising our own honey, grassfed beef, pastured chicken eggs, and pastured pork. And we want to provide you with quality farm products for your table too.